The future of protein is here. ProCharge Liquid Protein is the most versatile protein on the planet! ProCharge is precisely what you have been seeking to meet your healthy protein requirements. There are three ways to achieve the protein intake with this healthy liquid protein: mixed in your favorite smoothie or beverage, add to your favorite meal or snack, and even straight from the bottle. Want to control your appetite? Want growth and recovery in your muscle? Need to sustain your energy levels? Wish you had more support in your bones, joints, skin and immune system?

ProCharge Liquid Protein can do all of this for you! This 2 oz. bottle contains 40 grams of liquid protein that is carbohydrate, fat, and sugar-free, on top of being gluten-free, lactose-free, and containing zero GMOs.

Procharge Cycle of Wellness

Body Fat

Reduce Body Fat

If you consume protein instead of a carbohydrate, you are more likely to lose both weight and body fat. It is shown that after 5-6 months of consuming a protein supplement, you will lose more body fat and your waist circumference than if you were taking a carbohydrate or carbohydrate supplements. Protein changes the levels of several weight regulating hormones that contribute to body fat loss.

Fitness Wellness

Protein plays a role in keeping your body fueled, giving you sustained energy and keeping your immune system healthy. Your body will use its protein storage for energy to provide fuel for workouts. Your pre-workout snack should contain a good balance of protein to prevent you from feeling sluggish. Your post workout meal should contain protein and preferably brach chain amino acids (BCAAs) to assist with muscle recovery and growth. BCAAs help with muscle soreness and post exercise recovery.


With a leading liquid protein, you can increase your muscle recovery and growth, reduce/control your appetite, sustain your energy level throughout the day, provide support to your bones and joints and maintain a healthy immune system. ProCharge Liquid Protein is the most versatile protein on the planet. This makes it the easiestand most delicious way to lose weight and gain muscle.


Protein can help you lose weight naturally because it is the most important nutrient for weight loss. An intake of high protein boost your metabolism, controls your appetite and changes weight-regulating hormones. ProCharge Liquid protein is the most versatile form of protein when your diet requirements don’t include the standard protein-enriched foods. For example, eggs have protein but what if you are allergic to eggs; liquid protein is a great alternative!

Increase Muscle

The amino acids in protein are the building blocks of muscle growth. We can produce some on our own but the essential amino acids we need come from the food and supplements we consume. If you are not getting the amount of protein your body requires regularly for food, a ProCharge Liquid Protein is the perfect substitute. You will still get the nutrient you want without dramatically altering your diet.

*ProCharge is not a substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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